Earn Free Trips!

Being a ScubaFriends Club member gives you the opportunity to earn points towards free trips. These are called "Frequent Diver Miles", and there are many ways to earn points!

You are awarded points by attending socials, bringing a guest to a social event or on a dive trip, traveling with the club, purchasing dive gear at Adventure Sports, and/or volunteering with needed areas of the club. And, there are many other creative ways that you can earn points!

How are points assigned?

  • 1000 points awarded for booking and going on a club trip valued at $1500 (or less) for a land/dive package;
  • 2000 points awarded for booking and going on a club trip valued over $1500 for a land/dive package;
  • 125 points awarded for bringing a guest to and event, social, trip or for taking lessons;
  • 250 points awarded for attending a social or event;
  • 500 points awarded for assisting with club responsibilities such as; Club membership drives, bookkeeping, website, etc.;
  • 500 points awarded for bringing in a Scuba Ranger;
  • 1 point for every dollar spent at Adventure Sport. Because Mark is a member of the club, we want to support his business!

To Earn points you must be an official member in good standing, with your membership dues paid and your membership form completed. In order to continue receiving points your membership dues must be current.

If you choose NOT to go on a trip that has been awarded to you, there is not a cash reward or any other compensation. We will give it to the next eager diver and both divers miles will be erased and will start again from zero.

The FREE TRIPS are always based off the number of Comps awarded, and the number of comps are based on the number of paid participants per trip. If there are not enough divers in a trip, then there are no comps!

Out of town members, you DO qualify for free trips by keeping your membership up to date as well as going on dive trips with us!

Let me know if you have any ideas or questions about your points. Pam